The federation of releasing groups presents                 
                     The DivX Releasing Standards 2002                      
      Requirements: Notepad with terminal font or other ascii viewer        
                              읕컴[ INTRO ]컴켸                             
  In an unparalleled event of co-operation and innovation, the DivX scene   
  united once again to bring you the 2002 installment of the TDX guideli-   
  nes. We thank all of you who so kindly gave up time and energy to bring   
  us suggestions and help us brainstorm  on the newest of video technolo-   
  gies. So without further ado, we present to you, the DivX ripper/enthu-   
  siast, the TDX 2002 Releasing Standards.                                  
                          읕컴[ RELEASE RULES ]컴켸                         
  Movie Length:                                                             
    - PAL (25 fps) = min runtime is 105 minutes/CD                          
    - FILM (23.976 fps) = min runtime is 110 minutes/CD                     
    - NTSC (29.97 fps) = min runtime is 92 minutes/CD                       
    TV-Series Episodes shall NOT be exempt from these rules (See Series     
    These runtimes are scalable via the following equation:                 
    N cd time minimum = (N-1) * allowed_time where N is number of CDs and   
    allowable time applies to your format                                   
    (i.e. 4 cd FILM rip min = 110 x (4-1) = 330 minutes)                    
  Media usage is at Ripper's discretion, please use it.                     
  Releases should utilize at minimum 97% of total media capacity, however   
  an undersized release is not a technical flaw.                            
    - MUST be MP3 or Studio AC3 (AC3 transcoding forbidden).                
    - MUST be STEREO for STEREO sources, MONO for MONO sources              
      (MONO audio as STEREO on source is considered a MONO source).         
    - MUST BE VBR! NO CBR MP3!                                              
    - VBR techniques:                                                       
         - strongly recommended to use --r3mix with LAME                    
         - ABR is considered a VBR technique.                               
    - AC3 MUST be used wisely and correctly.                                
    - AC3 MUST be interleaved at 64 or 96 ms.                               
    - MUST be <=20 seconds and MUST be inserted according to scene          
      changes and framesizes as determined by the codec or encoding         
    - MUST be as close to original source framerate as possible.            
    - MUST be DivX 3.11 or XviD.                                            
    - MUST use 2 pass technique during encoding!                            
    - NO DUPES BASED ON CODEC TYPE, USE INTERNAL.                           
    - Width: 512 - 640 pixels and MUST be a multiple of 16.                 
      EXCEPTION: 4:3 FS sources may use a minimum resolution of 448 pixels. 
    - Height: Must be a multiple of 16.                                     
    - Cropping is required.                                                 
  Subs, Interactive Menus, Trailers:                                        
    - OPTIONAL (if and ONLY if all other requirements have been met).       
    - VOBSUB is the preferred format due to the fact it does not use        
      OCR, however, any format that displays with DVobSub is acceptable.    
    - Subtitles may be MUXED with video stream, but may NOT be BURNED       
      into video stream.                                                    
    - Subtitles not muxed into video stream MUST be encapsulated in .rar    
      file with the MOST compression available and shall be contained in    
      the directory named 'Subs' and will NOT be packaged with main movie   
    - Subbed is preferred over dubbed.                                      
    - Burned subtitles shall only be permissible when the source exhibits   
      forementioned subtitles in the picture itself (i.e. Subs in the       
      matte portion of the picture MUST be typed in a seperate file and     
      the frame shall be cropped).                                          
    - Subs on non english movies MUST fit on CD with main movie, all other  
      optional subs SHOULD fit on CD.                                       
  Series Notes:                                                             
    - Episodes shall not overlap on CDs (i.e. 2eps/CD, 4eps/CD is allowed   
      1.5eps/CD is NOT).                                                    
    - Episodes are not subject to the same scaling rules as cinematic       
      features and must obey forementioned rule.                            
    - Suggested media usage: 4x23min = 1CD, 2x45min = 1CD, 1x60min = 1CD    
    - All releases must be AVI, not BIN/CUE. (see Notes Section)            
    - Must be packed with RAR, compression is NOT ALLOWED                   
      and broken into 15 or 20 MB volumes                                   
    - Recovery record recommended.                                          
    - Must have SFV                                                         
    - Must have NFO                                                         
    - NFO MUST INCLUDE:                                                     
        Group name                                                          
        Actual DivX release date                                            
        DVD release date                                                    
        US theater release date                                             
        Video size                                                          
        Framesize/aspect ratio                                              
        Audio bitrate                                                       
        Video bitrate                                                       
        Movie runtime/length                                                
        IMDB/adultdvdempire link                                            
        Number of rars per cd (eg. 44x15MB)                                 
        Ripping Method                                                      
    - Movie credits are preferred but CAN be cut in order to fit within     
      1 CD (700 MB) if the movie length would exceed 110 minutes.           
    - NOT required in the AVI itself.                                       
    - NOT required in the NFO - it is 'recommended' to list the main few    
      characters as IMDB lists them.                                        
    - REQUIRED                                                              
    - 1 full minute in length (approximately 10 MB) and in separate folder  
      marked 'SAMPLE'.                                                      
    - MUST be taken from the movie - NOT encoded separately.                
    - Propers are ONLY permitted in the case of a technical flaw with the   
      original release (i.e. Bad IVTC, Interlacing, etc).                   
    - Releases not nuked on release lists and/or sites MUST include         
      original sample of technical flaw.                                    
    - Qualitative propers are not allowed, nor are propers based on         
      decisions made by a ripper (i.e. # of CDs, AC3 or MP3, etc).          
    - Propers based upon the compliance with new instances of TDX           
      guidelines are also forbidden (i.e. older rips with 720px res).       
    - Subbed (in original movie language) propers dubbed (in any language). 
  Directory Naming:                                                         
    - Directory names shall NOT exceed 64 characters.                       
    - All releases are to include production year.                          
    - DO NOT indicate Ripping method (MM4/VM2/VBR/SBC and so on),           
      WS (widescreen), DVD/DivX release DATE, GENRE or anything else        
      in the directory name (ONLY within the NFO).                          
    - Acceptable characters in naming a directory include (NO spaces or     
      double dots - single dots or underscores ONLY):                       
        0123456789 . -_                                                     
    - All Release directories, regardless of year, shall be named according 
      to Movie.Name.Year.Source.Codec-Group, suggested naming for the movie 
      itself shall follow the same procedure                                
      (i.e. Movie.Name.Year.Source.Codec-Group.avi,                         
    - Releases that are more than 1 CD will follow these specs:             
        - MUST be named CD1, CD2, CD3 and so on. ('disc1', etc will NOT     
          be allowed).                                                      
        - There MUST be a SFV included for each CD.                         
        - Rars MUST be broken into 2 or more CD volumes. (78 rars of a 2    
          disc title will NOT be tolerated)                                 
                       읕컴[ NOTES TO THE RULES ]컴켸                       
    Source related notes:                                                   
    - Source shall be DVD Only, no exceptions!                              
    - DVD Screeners shall be clearly marked in the directory name and the   
      nfo shall contain presence of studio watermarking, or lack thereof.   
    Ripping related notes:                                                  
    - Maximum VIDEO bitrates are covered by length rules.                   
    - Movies should be ripped in their most widescreen format available.    
    - Multi-language audio tracks are allowed.                              
        - Multiple languages should be interleaved into the AVI, with       
          a graphedit filter for each appropriate audio stream.             
        - Movies that would ordinarily fit on one CD should not be made     
          into 2 CD releases on the basis of additional audio tracks.       
        - Multi-language audio CANNOT be used as a basis for a dupe.        
        - Multi-language subtitles CANNOT be used as a basis for a dupe.    
    - AVI and not BIN/CUE:                                                  
        - Some people burn to archive and play on a computer at a later     
          time, BUT since there is no outside purpose other than playing on 
          the computer, there is NO need to be packaged as BIN/CUE.         
    - Group Watermarks WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN ANY CASE.                     
    - NO intros, outros, betweenos, or any other form of defacement of the  
      movie will be tolerated.                                              
    - Movie container MUST be AVI. OGG, OGM, MCF, Project Theora, MP4 are   
      all forbidden due to bugs and usability factors, maybe next year!     
                        읕컴[ GROUPS & MEMBERS ]컴켸                        
                    TDX 2002 revision was organized by:                     
                            - E.L. - V. - f3k -                             
            Respects to the original TDX, Team DivX, organizers:            
                - krazy8 - RipKord - Wuman - Lava - MaTaN -                 
          TDX 2002 has been approved by the following DivX groups:          
         - AEN - DOMiNiON - DVD-R - EPiSODE - EPiC - INCiTE - MDX -         
                         - QiX - SChiZO - VCDVaULT -                        
                              Also signed by:                               
          - SATELLiTE - InFuX - aNBc - DEiTY - MEDiAMANiACS - DVL -         
               - CPY - JDX - DDX - REQUiSiTE - SEVcD - FoCUS -              
                      - DiSTORTiON - COLLiSiON - WOT -